Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nobody will be hurt

I had a date with BF. He was in a job interview, and we were going for dinner after it. Ree came for a coffee while i was waiting for him.
Ree didnt like Loulou's new image. She is natural blonde and considers  dyed hair a kind of 'cheating'.
She is too funny. We were having great gossips time when something horrible happened.
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Ree's disgusting ex-bf was there. Ree got up and said we were leaving, but he stopped her. I was so scared i thought i was going to faint.
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He was so menacing and so abusive... I had never been in any similar situation, and couldnt react. Ree pushed him away and he told her to better be VERY careful to avoid someone being hurt.

What? Hurt? Who ? Me? Ree? Marlow??!!!  Was he threatening Ree about hurting Marlow?
He grabbed her arm and took her away. I began crying and just that moment, BF arrived.
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Wow , BF was impressive! Rat argued and said this and that, but he finally left. Ree couldnt stop crying, She was so afraid she was trembling, and her only worry was to make us promise we wouldnt tell anybody.

BF didnt understand her, but i did.
She is afraid Rat could hurt Marlow again.
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