Friday, November 1, 2013

Rainy night

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We had to end the Winter Work, it was priority one. Silence was in charge of the design, and it was driving him crazy. Umami had wrote with Ree  the part Miss Elisse called  'the poetry of winter'. Sugar Suz and I wrote the introduction, and Marlow had to colaborate with the conclusions.

So we met home, saying no one would leave before we had finished it.
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 Ree told us Marlow was in his way, but had promised to stop at Wispagold's home to take her and Mac to see a friend.
We began working without him,
It had been raining all day. Mom arrived from the gallery looking really tired. She had a hot tea with us, but she just wanted to relax. I thought she was not feeling good, but she said it was just the long day at work.
 End would be back in a couple of days, and i was glad, we were expecting the baby to be born in less than a month.
The rain turned into a terrible storm. The wind blew crazy in our yard and Ree was worried about Marlow driving his old truck, but then the door bell rang.
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The roads were closed. There was a big flood on main street, and the police was making the cars stop. Their only option had been to get to my home till it was safe to drive.
Ohhh and so fun when Marlow and Big Mac appeared following Wispagold! Her baby has grown so much this summer but he remembered all of us and seemed glad to see us again :)
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Wispa needed to change her wet dress and shoes, and i found some jeans and shirt for her. She sat in the livingroom with Mac, and we began working till suddenly... (to be continued)

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