Saturday, November 2, 2013

The night of the hurricane

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The pizzas had disappeared a while ago , and we were trying to agree on what picture was better to represent our Lady Winter on the document's cover.
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Wispagold had taken Big Mac to sleep in my bed, and then went to say hello to mom. When she appeared at the kitchen's door I had the feeling something was very wrong. And yes, it was.
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I ran with Umami to see mom while Ree and Silence called the ambulance.
Wispagold took Marlow to the livingroom. Later, he told us about the conversation.

Yeah, the situation was like this,
Silence cant put up with blood and screaming >>> OUT
I was absolutelly shocked, and made everybody more nervous>>> OUT
Ree was trying to get help on the phone>>>OUT
Umami was taking care of us>>>OUT
Wispagold was a mom herself, so she had an idea of what was coming, and Marlow was her superman.
So there they went!
I called BF, and Ree called Mr. Book, her bro, but they couldnt do it through the crazy storm. The news on tv talked about a hurricane over us.
We stayed outside mom's bedroom, running for hot water or towels when Marlow or Wispa asked for them.
OMG OMG OMG we looked at eachother, not daring to breath. And then the door opened.
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 Gacha Garden [[ Masoom ]] Ruined top 
When the ambulance arrived, they checked mom and the baby and said everything was ok. They allowed them to stay home, cause the hurricane had the hospital collapsed with wounded people.
As my friends couldnt go back home, we organized beds in sofas and mattresses.
I couldnt stop watching the baby, what a miracle she was!Wow i was so proud of mom and so full of love for them both!

Welcome little Zsi Zsi!

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