Saturday, November 23, 2013

You look good in my shirt

Forbidden Closet Designs MAINSTORE Cherry Pop outfit w/ap
Black Pearl Store [AR] Satin Elegant Blouse and  High leg boots & Bag with Hud
+HUHU+  Leather mini skirt
::Designer Circle::. PiNK CHERRY Gold Leaf Necklace- MESH
Jamman Jewels & Accessories 9inch ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS 

::Designer Circle::. WickedNight - Rugged Up Sweater (Blue)
[M.O.W] Utopia Jeans

Loulou's happiness being blonde has not lasted much.
Another blonde model has arrived from a trip, and she is, of course, another superstar.

And, once again, she is so beautiful it hurts.

Awww poor Loulou, she is in a difficult world for sure.

But i dont have time for her dramas, cause we are having our own family little drama at home too.

The thing is, since End came back from his last trip, he couldnt get far from mom and the baby.
So mom asked me if his 'temporary' moving home would be ok for me.
I had to say no problem.
So next day he appeared with some boxes of stuff... and with Silence.
+HUHU+  Male Skinny Jeans denim Blue
Black Pearl Store [AR] Leather male boots
MM5 Rock! Class Man Jacket w Shirt
CURVES Zack skin T1

He obiously felt as uncomfortable about it as i was. What the hell, two men home suddenly, and one of them one of my best friends!
Yeah, i love him very much, but sharing home?? But as we are so MATURE and GROWN UP people, we sat down and talked about it.
So... yeah... i suppose we will get used to it... but its a bit difficult cause i never remember they are living there!!
So i forget to knock on the doors...
... or run around the house in a hurry and  half dressed...
But Im sure once we get some logistics arranged, it wont be so bad. Silence is a lovely guy. Its not bad to have a 'brother' in the house :P
Dirty Little Secret Boyfriend shirt
[M.O.W] Londonist Jeans  and basic shirt
CURVES Zack skin T1
Dirty Little Secret 
Partial Mesh Daddy's Cardigan 
::Designer Circle::.  shine by [ZD] JILL MESH OFFSHOULDER SHIRT

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