Thursday, December 26, 2013

Prisoner of love

POMPOSITY Handcuff Bracelets
EYELURE Legwarmers
{le fil casse}
Happy hour mesh dress
Hearts a flutter headband gacha
.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop Bree Group Gift

Yesterday we went to see Prisoner of Love.
Marlow went with Silence and Jim to get the tickets , while we took care of the popcorn, chips and drinks.

In fact the boys ran away from us and our crazy chatting. Cause we were super excited, Sugar Suz was going to introduce Mick, her new 'friend' to us!

She had warned us, to please dont refer to him as 'her bf', at least , not in front of him.
Loordes of London-L'Experience Haute-Chocolate/Aged Tan boots
:: Czarny Kanarek ::   Grinch neck  roll dress
We promised to behave. Ree, Umi and I were very happy for Sugar Suz. She had been waiting for the right boy, and finally he seemed to be there!
So when they appeared we did our best to be natural, and make him feel one more friend in the group.

Flash Friendly Poses stands 
When we met the boys a bit later, Mick seemed to perfectly fit in the group, and Ree was doing hidden thumbs up to Sugar Suz, making us laugh.
Loulou arrived, late as usual.Late, and acting... very Loulou, or what did you expect?
FASHION WARDROBE Lushish Catz Zoi  Brown
-Luckie-  Boss Bitch Tote
POMPOSITY- Simple Hearts Belly piercing
*EASTERLiNG* Dolly Shoes
But when Marlow pushed everybody,  Mick took Sugar Suz's hand to enter the room. 
I think im going to like this boy :)
Xen's Hats Beanie
:Q:Style: Mens Hooded Top  and [Metallic] Parker Jeans - Rolled Up Cuffs
POMPOSITY Simple hearts belly piercing
FASHION WARDROBE Lushish Catz Zoi  Brown
*EASTERLiNG* Dolly Shoes
-Luckie-  Boss Bitch Tote
Forbidden Closet Designs  Useless Outfit
.::Bich Tail::. Soaring  and Super Star Sneakers 
Graffitiwear Patchwork Denim Skirt
::Designer Circle::. Things I Like Samo bag
:: Czarny Kanarek :: Crazy Boatneck cropped blouse
Strokerz Sexpo Exclusives
 .Sugar&Cyanide. Toeless Stockings

Loordes of London
L'Experience Haute-Charcoal boots
The Luiteoga leggins
Wainscott Set-Dk Blue White Blossoms

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