Monday, January 6, 2014

I want to be the star

Ella's skin is HOT STUFF Lisa Skin Sunkiss
Loordes of London La Boheme Earrring 

The Atèlier is in revolution. Ella Smith is coming for a visit!

Ella is one of the presenters of Studio Stars. This is one of our favorite programs, all about gossips, famous people and fashion.
The Rabbit Hole Sales Room ..::KnocKeRs::..Skelly Jubilee
Loordes of London  Basic Pumps
The furniture of the studio StoraxTree  and  StoraxTree Island 
Ella has also been a model, but now she is working on tv.
Loordes of London  Basic Pumps
[[ Masoom]] Merlene coat dress
Oh, and apart from the Studio, she has her own show, about fitness and beauty care.
[[ Masoom]]  Dhansha Outfit
The thing is, only the real stars can be the Studio Stars' guests. 
And (omg) Loulou is decided to make Ella see who could be her next guest at the program... 
(to be continued)

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