Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pet friendly fashion

Siria's Fashion Room *EASTERLiNG* Monia Sweater
+HUHU+ Mesh jeans
TAMELESS Hair Lindsey

Believe me, girls, these top model crisis are really tiring!!

Today we found some good saleS and went shopping.

Umami and I were having lots of fun when we got Loulou's call.

Cosmopolitan Sales Room Sup Poses - Shop Till You Drop
PURE Sales DaZeD DeZineZ Alexia Outfit
TAMELESS Hair Kenedy
SOS? Yess, cause she needed urgent advice.
It seems the new fashion among the models is to be pet- friendly... Well we all saw the report at Studio Stars last night, ... a famous model... super fashion... becoming the sweetest girl...
Freya skin sunkiss
Siria's Fashion Room *EASTERLiNG* Monia Sweater
HOT STUFF Freya skin

.. with her pictures at the farm.
Siria's Fashion Room
*EASTERLiNG* Monia Sweater
*Xo'* Boots Christmas
Loulou is a top model ...
Siria's Fashion Room  *GirlsSecrets* Pola Dress Pink
Oh My Gacha!, OMG! //elephante poses// Black Tears and Dolly poses RARE
...So Loulou NEEDS a pet
Cosmopolitan Sales Room Sup Poses - Shop Till You Drop
Hahaha Umami is baaaaaaaaaaad, but im afraid i AGREE with her!
TAMELESS Hair Kenedy
Loordes of London
L'Experience Haute-Earrings

TAMELESS Hair Gretta
SLC  Mesh Straps Booties with Sockettes  and Mesh Winter Sweater
{NanTra}  CocaLoca poses

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