Thursday, January 16, 2014

See you at the library

As you know this is our last year at school. Each exam is now a living hell for us. And this week we have plenty of them!!!
PURE Sales  blah.BLAH.blah Constance Sweater Dress
::Designer Circle::. WickedNight - Psycho Wedge
TAMELESS  Hair Delphine

HEYDRA Chrissy dress and Bianca boots
Siria's Fashion Room  NS::  Brown Owl Outfit
POMPOSITY Zodiac Rings
Loordes of London Basic pumps and Jubilee Earrings
MC Fashion Events  INNUENDO *AERON* by Ciccia Bergamasco
So everybody is just thinking on the exams, no time for distractions!!!
I mean... almost everybody.
Loulou is out, for a fashion report!
Bewbapalooza -Luckie- Lollie Licious
The Rabbit Hole Sales Room  Brii Underground Wear  Mesh Gladiator Sandal

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