Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sweet Witches

The Atèlier is a cage of wild cats.
Loulou told us about the big fight they had yesterday, before  the showroom began.
She was in the shower when all the mess began, and very cautious, she decided to make the shower last, to not be forced to get into the argument.

'Remember I told you about News, the new girl? She is so selfish and unkind, so rude and vulgar... WE dont like her, of course. 
So, while we were getting ready,  she began one of her parrot chats, as we call them'
The Boobies Planet AsHmOoT Chloe_Ripped Minidress
HOT STUFF Freya skin 
Hahahaha, this girl is funny, cause she added that she wanted to tell them cause she was sure they would be as happy for her as she was hahahahaha
The reaction was inmediate. Niet was  in the room, Loulou was in the shower pretending she didnt hear, and Lala just had appeared at the door,
The Boobies Planet Busty Boutique Bacia black
CURVES Amber skin
The Boobies Planet AsHmOoT Chloe_Ripped Minidress
HOT STUFF Freya skin 
Of course, Niet commented, 'Sexy?' but then Lala noticed something WORSE than News having a sexy or no sexy butt.
The Boobies Planet Forbidden Closet Comfy Outfit
HOT STUFF Castiel skin
Loordes of London Pachia Purse
fi*Friday Empire Galleria
Loordes of London-La Marais-Boots-Putty

And of course Vanity hurried, to find that News had decided to wear one of the dresses reserved for Vanity. To make a long story short, DRAMA.

Yes, cause Vanity was very ironic about the fact of News wanting to be a star by copying HER, and News told her she was already THE STAR of the team and and and...
Then the manager of The Atèlier appeared and asked the girls to end the argument, telling News to give the dress back to Vanity.
Of course, it wasnt so easy.

The Boobies Planet Forbidden Closet Ooh Lala Outfit
CURVES Amanda skin
But they all do their job as good or better as always... they are professionals!
And who could tell those sweet faces were hidding a bunch of witches?  :))
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