Friday, January 3, 2014

The garbage truck

Loulou entered the bar as an elephant in a porcelain bazaar. She was so angry it was even funny.

'Girls, you wont believe this. I was with Sugar Suz, I was trying to distract her from her depression, cause, you know, she is still feeling like an I_D_I_O_T. And thats what she is cause see what has happened'.
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The bell rang and Sugar Suz went to open the door. Then i heard  'omg' and when i turned my head... that stupid guy was at her door, and she was paralized.

TAMELESS Hair Janice
Loordes of London
Montgomery Duffle Coat
NavyThe French Quarter Boots
Leggins Luiteoga

He was giving her a pathetic bouquet of cheap flowers, no, not roses!, and asking her if she was too angry and if she would let him explain  what happened the NYE.
Believe it or not, I saw her doubting, so, I  interrupted to tell him he was really cheeky to be there and we were sorry but  no one was interested in his lies.

'I dont lie', he said. 'There was a problem at work and I had to stay for a night turn'.
'And why didnt you call me?' asked Sugar Suz.
'Cause i didnt want to tell you about my job'.
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Sugar Suz said he had already told her he worked for the community services, what was wrong with that?
And then girls,...  ok ready? He told her ... OMG, girls! He is one of the garbage men!!
But worst of all, girls, you wont believe this,  the I_D_I_O_T  didnt kick him but told him she had always been curious about how those trucks work and she would love to see one!

I think the I_D_I_O_T here is this posh girl who thinks herself better than a boy who has a very honest  job.
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And Sugar Suz is mooooooooooore than happy!

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