Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This boy is mine

We went to have a pizza after the tv show. Loulou said she was coming too, and said she would meet us there.
It was shocking when she appeared with Boots and Vanity, two of the super models of The Athèlier!!!
When they entered the bar, everybody was ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and they seemed to consider that absolutely normal.
The Boobies Planet .:[NMD]:. Street Kitty - Angie  - Teacher's Pet
The Boobies Planet .:[NMD]:.  Teacher's Pet
Loulou was so proud of being one of them! She introduced her friends to us. Boots was nice and friendly. But Vanity was a bit toooo much. And when she decided to flirt Marlow, she didnt know she was calling trouble...
The Boobies Planet 
.:[NMD]:. Street Kitty
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The Boobies Planet .:[NMD]:.  Angie
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Troubl... I mean, Ree, was not really paying attention. Marlow and her were making plans for the weekend and she didnt care about Loulou and her top-friends.
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But when she caught Vanity asking Marlow to go out with her to share a cigarette...
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Do you remember the old Marlow, unable to say no to any nice or even not so nice girl?

 But oh my, for sure he has changed for his blondie!

So they left to avoid a big fight. And when Loulou said next day, Vanity was coming to the movies with us, Marlow and Ree went for a walk, and ended up at the airport...

Now Loulou is angry at Ree (for a change).
 ' Vanity cant help being a bit flirty... if Ree cant trust her bf, what kind of couple is that? '
Yeah. I see trouble coming.

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