Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What if he wins?

EYELURE Angel Tee for her and him
EYELURE shorts
+HUHU+ Skinny mesh jeans
Ree is Umami's best friend, and Marlow is Silence's. So Ree told Marlow what had happened, knowing Silence would tell him too, so she didnt feel like betraying Umi.
Marlow hadnt seen Silence yet, so the story was knew to him. But when he heard about it, he thought things werent as easy as Ree expected them to be...
The only thing to hope for is her mom didnt see the sunday magazine cover... in case they win the contest.

But, still, it wasnt going to be so 'easy'...
:Designer Circle::.
Baubles! by Phe WildTunageEarrings
Loordes of London-Montgomery Duffle Coat-Black
IOS Rafaella poses
Loordes of London The Acropolis-Brown
FGC - Fantasy Gacha Fair ..:: OPOPOP // Boony // Mesh Hat
+HUHU+ Skinny mesh jeans and Long jacket
CURVES Zack 2 skin

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