Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Good news for you, good news for all of us!

::Designer Circle::. E-Clipse Sarah Pant Bronze
Xen's Hats
Oasis{Slide Sandals-Resizer-Color skin&nails HUD}
Ree is the happiest person in the world this week. She couldnt stop talking of her little trip with Marlow, to get  lost in the forest awwwwwwww so romantic!
Sway's for The Collage
Some days earlier, Wispa had caught Ree crying, desolated because Marlow had to come back to his village. His father didnt want to pay for his medical studies.
So Wispa called Marlow and told him she would pay for it. He would return the money babysitting Mac, she said.
Marlow said he couldnt accept it, even if he babysitted Mac till the boy's wedding day, he could not return such amount of money!,  but Ree was OMG OMG OMG and managed to help Wispa convincing him.
HEYDRA Drake Sweater Gray
Krave Inc Freestyle Urban Fair  Begins on April 1st
HEYDRA Andro Cargo Pants
CURVES Zack skin
Elephante Poses March VIP gift  Looking out poses
Elephante Poses March VIP gift Fancy poses
And they decided to get lost and celebrate it... and so they did! :)
Sway's for The Collage  Cozy Hay bale w/poses

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