Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wanna be my roommate?

When we stopped at the gas station, Umami wanted me to go with her for a coffee.
  'I need to ask you something', she whispered.
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:::OhLaLa:::  Virgin outfit
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Wow... The day of the disaster at End's studio, she said, they had been about doing it. And since then, she was so over controlled by her mom, and  they never had a chance nor a place, so she had thought this trip was perfect for their love story.
I said I would be on my own, cause i was suspecting Sugar Suz would want Mike as roommate. And Ree and Marlow were sharing rooms since long ago.
After having a pizza dinner in the village, we got to our weekend house.
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Oh yes, it looked magic in the winter's night.
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Beautiful!!! Outside and inside!
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We  ran inside. It was such a sweet place! 
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Sugar Suz asked if Mike and her could have the bedroom on the right, she loved the moonlight on the window... everybody agreed and they went for a walk in the forest before going to bed.
Ree said she loved the one in the basement, cause it had a fireplace. Would Umami and I be so nice to let her take that one?
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Then Umami said she and Silence were sharing the one on the left, if everybody was ok with that. Ree looked a bit puzzled (i bet she didnt know about Umi's plans and was as shocked as me hahaha) , and said , 'sure!', and ran downstairs with her bag.
BARELY LEGAL COUTURE Deranged short kickers and Long Boots
That was when I noticed there were no more rooms ... oh wait yes, maybe upstairs?
Marlow appeared carrying some bags and climbed the stairs after me. We found a  little attic...
StoraxTree Furniture
The room was quite nice! But only one bed...
Oh a little ladder took me to a roof over the room, with another bed...Omg, there was even some straw there!
hahahaha soooooo country!

I told Marlow it was ok, as long as i could keep the good bed and send Rum up to the straw. I follow him outside to help him with the last bags, and once again I knew he was really a great guy and a true friend.
Oh, and Rum seemed to be a fun guy... I bet I could have had a worse roommate :)

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