Monday, March 31, 2014

You aint seen nothing like me yet

The war between The Athelier and The Glamour is going on. Loulou and her friends have prepared the next  session very carefully...And the thing is  Loulou and the girls were in an I -am-elegant-and- serious mood...
BN Designs  Wendy
StoraxTree Furniture
Lushish Catz  Jazzie -Dress w/ Appliers free group gift
SLC Mesh Wedges Carola 
StoraxTree Furniture
Freestyle Urban Fair Begins on april 1st Forbidden Closet Designs Pretty Woman V2
StoraxTree Furniture
HEYDRA Leona Leggings for The Evil Bunny Hunt  4 Sponsor Gift (Begins on april 1st )
HEYDRA Yanick Black
Bad Apple Designs Kennedy Blouse
StoraxTree Furniture

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