Saturday, April 12, 2014

Picnic party

Feeb's Rascals St.  ::HEYDRA:: Darienne Leggings Brown
Life Of Style Loordes of London-Vercelli Jacket
Loordes of London L'Experience Haute-Burnt Sienna
TAMELESS Hair Zaida 
Awwww i love it when to prepare a party you need to celebrate another little party! And thats what we did to get things ready for LOla's day.

We met at Ree's terrace and had a fantastic 'urban picnic' while we showed the boys the gift we had finally chosen for our friend.
The Kollective Aphrodite Spring picnic exclusive item 
The Kollective  APHRODITE Spring Picnic Blanket w/poses
After a final fight we had decided between Ree's favorite,
Krave Inc Freestyle Urban Fair HEYDRA Easter Bunny 2014 

StoraxTree Vintage Plant Stand Plant 
and something sweet and stylish as Umami said...
Finally Umami won, specially cause Loulou would never allow Ree to win any competition and voted for Umi's idea. 
::LiES:: Ramona [Mesh] Complete outfit
The Kollective
Shadow Moon Camo FluidMESH Male Complete Hoody Outfit
It was a fun picnic afternoon, and it was great when Ree didnt want to allow us helping to clean it up. Marlow and her would take care of it all.

The Kollective APHRODITE  Spring Picnic Blanket w/poses

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