Saturday, April 19, 2014

This is not your business

fi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige Pier poses
!BaaaH! shape Amilcar
HEYDRA Mythosis Simple Skin and Tor Swimwear Brown Pattern
Dirty Little Secret :: Botanicals Skybox ::
Everybody is nuts about the boy of the Wanted commercial. Thats what we were talking about at the pool today.
fi*Friday Empire Galleria  Vestige Lily poses
.flipmode. for THE COMIC FASHION FAIR Wonder woman vintage shorts
*ZC* for THE COMIC FASHION FAIR  Koi tote bag
EYELURE Tank over Bikini Top   PinkBunny
Xen's Hats Hennessey Hat Plum (Mesh) 
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige Lily poses
Umami's mom is member of the beach club, but  we only go to the cub if Umami is sure we wont meet her mom  there. So today we went to the public pool, just to sunbath a bit, We are hungry for sun!
{NanTra}  poses
Essenz for THE COMIC FASHION FAIR Sevilla slink shoes
[BE]lieve for THE COMIC FASHION FAIR [BE]lieve - Be yourself  - Gift
BAD for The Bodify   Spring Fling Leggins 
So, yes, we were talking about the sexy guy with his Wanted perfum.  Umami said she didnt like him.

fi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige Lily poses
FBD for THE COMIC FASHION FAIR Comic crop tops gatcha
HOLY SHIrT! for THE COMIC FASHION FAIR Comic splat skinny jeans 
Hahahaha yes, Umami  had to admit he was sexy,... but not her style, and Sugar Suz joked that, if needed,  she would take care of the boy, so Umi would not have to worry  :P
Baubles! by Phe for THE COMIC FASHION FAIR  PopVinylEarrings Gacha 
The 100 Block Fashion Fair Luckie- Sweet Ombre Shortie Fit
Label Motion  poses
Ohhh but then her one and only arrived, and she forgot about any other sexy thing in the world.
The Liaison Collaborative Poser Pavilion //elephante poses// I've Got You
THE COMIC FASHION FAIR ::B::U::B:: Hooded loose white
Umami's mobile rang, and she ran to meet Silence, who had scaped from the studio to get some free time to see her.
And then Ree said something... weird.
What? That was not her business! I was about getting mad, when Marlow shouted, 'Hunny Im home!' and ran to her .
 Mesh baggy and underwear jeans
Emme Poses I belong to you 
And I really HOPE this conversation is definitively over.

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