Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Busy girl loves her job

Loulou's news about the top models war:
The Glamour has hired Cocoa, another super star.
Today was her first day at work and she was talking on tv about it...

Yeah, today was my first day...
PRIME furniture w/poses and props  for The Collage
Easy? No, I wouldnt call it that
Xen's Hats Pencil Hats (Mesh)
Lots of work, you know...
One Word //elephante poses// Saturday Night Fever
THE PIER MARKET The Phoenix Collections Marisol dress
ARISE Ankle Cuff 
::Designer Circle::. {ZOZ}- Angel Polish (Slinks) 
.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop MAINSTORE EVANGELINA skin for the PFH
*PerveTTe* for THE OMG HUNT [Tattoo] Buter Faith
FASHION LIMITED Loordes of London The Euclidean earrings
They are a very competitive team... but I think... I think I succeed :)
Xen's HatsPencil Hats (Mesh)
Forbidden Closet Designs 
Rainbow Jeans V9
 Strawberry Fields Top for 
The Cotton Candy Hunt
{NanTra}  Poses
PRIME furniture w/poses and props  for The Collage

The best in pinterest :)