Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Sexy pet

You all know Loulou.
Since she became one of The Athelier girls, she always does what her new friends do. She loves or pretends to love all what her friends say they adooooore, even if it is something she has never been devoted to.
Label Motion - I'm too cute pose GIFT
FUNNY PUPPET FAIR Barely Legal Couture Angelic Spiker choker
::Designer Circle::. Graffitiwear Tied Shirt Belts
:: Czarny Kanarek :: Mini skirt with fishnet
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Barely Legal Couture for Boobs, Butts & Beyond Flash Tights  and  Workout Top 
So the other day, the girls were doing some pics with pets. After the session, they attended a press conference and they all declared they adoooooooored the animals, and most of them had or had had a pet that was the sweetest thing ever.
::Designer Circle::.
Eyelure Ruffles Dress
Essenz Geneva slink shoes
So Loulou decided she needed a pet too, and got herself a chihuahua, a skinny thing with a big head and a not specially nice way to show its little teeth to all of us. And how would you think she called it?
FashionArt Fair Loordes of London-The Babbage
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Kampai V#1 // Gacha // Mesh Monster
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The Candy factory J&A Rock Culture  Spring jacket and skirt
We all knew the chihuahua story wouldnt last, cause, as Ree said, the little dog was a monster, and Loulou can be queen of beauty but never queen of patience.
So believe me i was not surprised when she called me in tears begging for help and saying she couldnt stand Sexy one more minute... the doggie had destroyed her books and had eaten one of her best shoes!!! hahahahahaha
FUNNY PUPPET FAIR Barely Legal Couture Angelic Spiker choker
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BabyDoll Sheer Stockings
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