Sunday, June 8, 2014

A god for a godess

Some of Loulou's friends, the super models, are beautiful. Some are absolutely divine.
Tales of Fantasy Gacha .ARISE. Bead Sandals  and  Asteri Headband
Icons Of Style Pose
But even if they are the cutest thing ever, they always seem to be in trouble with boys.
*KRISTALSTORE*  Long T-shirt Gothic doll
Tales of Fantasy Gacha .ARISE. Bead Sandals  and  Asteri Headband
Image Essentials Wall to Wall 
And, what else could a man want than a beautiful, sexy, and faithful girl?
To have a girlfriend like this should be like winning the lotery!
Polly Top - Ripped Stockings - Skylar pantie - Peeptoe Heels
Tuty poses
But the thing is the godesses can be as unlucky in love as the rest of mortals.
Sugar & Cyanide  Strappy Peeptoe Heels
OMG Loordes of London Olive again dress
Tuty poses
OMG Loordes of London The Mices (earrings)
Mayfly Luminous  Mesh eyes Vivid blue
C'mon gods, where are you? 
Image Essentials  Smart casual
[ZANZE-Men] for Fashion For Life Charlie Outfit WHITE 
*~*Damselfly*~* for Fashion For Life Hudson Non-Rig Mesh 

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