Sunday, June 1, 2014

No trespassing

(From the book Ree is reading and comenting to us, 'Girls will never understand a male's mind, but who cares, we rule!'. I know, i know, the author is a pathetic stupid, but Ree cant help loving this rubbish hahahahahaha)

If you want things working - the way you want them to work-
Loordes of LOndon for Fashion Limited La Mode minidress
Loordes of London Chennai handbag and Kalaoa Sunglasses
BARELY LEGAL COUTURE Playdate Sandal Heels
Ma vie - poses
with that boy who seems to be 'the one'
fi*Friday Fashion House  Vestige Poses Duality male
Ceresio VM in Camo Blue // Mesh Cargo
 Cacham in Red // Mesh Sweat Hooded
 TheCity // Unisex // Mesh Sneakers

 one of the first things you have to agree about is
RoLu poses Tomorrow
where to set the NO TRESPASSING line

The best in pinterest :)