Saturday, June 7, 2014

The journey begins here (featuring Fashion For Life)

Join us in a trip of love, life and fashion.
Along next weeks, till june 20th, you will see some of the pages of this diary dedicated to 
Fashion For Life, an event run in benefit of the American Cancer Society.
 M&M STYLE for Fashion For Life Melisa (White mesh and Fitmesh)
Pose from Lily set by 
Vestige poses
One hundred and fifty of the best SL designers are involved in this journey of solidarity, as well as lots of us, the SL bloggers. We all are going to  do our best to make this event a great success.
So get ready to enjoy  fashion in every style,  casual, elegant, fun, sexy... as well as  hairs, skins, accessories,...
    MEB Fashion for Fashion For Life Carmen  outfit
   Envyme for fashion For Life Emma Skin
Pose from Lily set by Vestige poses
    Center Ville Maison for Fashion For Life
Hideaki Platform Sandal

Deluxe Body Factory for Fashion For Life Natsumi skin and shape
-IrodorI- for Fashion For Life Fujimurasaki 
Pose Quintessencia
Center Ville Maison for Fashion For Life Skin & Shape Aimi Milk
Damselfly hair for Fashion For Life Zendaya Rigged Mesh
M&M STYLE for Fashion For Life M-Dress Mesh Long Red
Decoration by StoraxTree Vintage plants and Feline treasures
Pose Marukin
  -AZUL- for Fashion For Life Anjelica dress
Pose by Vista Animations
Desings by Sebastian for Fashion For Life  Crystal Ice Black jewelery set
Pose from Accessorise pose set  by Image Essentials 
Come and visit the Fashion For Life amazing sims. Its not only about fashion, but about life. 
The journey has already begun.

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