Monday, June 9, 2014

This is post number 1,000

Yep, post 1,000. 
Through these years, DD has grown up. She will not be a teen for long, and her life is going to change, as all our lives do. And even missing those years, we all should thank God for the road we've walked, and wait for the best to come.
Through these years i have learned to blog , to take better pics, to organize my inventory...
I have made friends and Im so lucky I dont think Ive lost any who I had ever considered my friend.
Now Ive become a super busy blogger, with lots of designers trusting me and my work, and I thank them with all my heart.
And in my name, and the name of all my 'kids' (DD and her family, Umami, Ree, Sugar Suz, Loulou, Marlow, Silence, Bf, End, the super top models...etc etc etc)  I want to thank  all my wonderful SL friends for their awesome support.
Love you to pieces


Xen's Hats Boynton Hat Blue
Sugar & Cyanide Here comes trouble
{NanTra} poses

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