Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who hasnt ever fallen for a surfer? (part 1)

When you are a teen you are specially fragile. And I dont know about guys, but we girls are terrible unsecure.
::Designer Circle::. [Amarelo Manga] - Bikini Guriri
Savoir Faire Dressingroom
Specially when your best friend said she has to wear a shirt to not get sunburned, and appears wearing this
CURVES Ava skin
Savoir Faire Dressingroom
Some friends are kind of toxic... and this is always dangerous but specially when you are too young to see further than the tip of your nose.
 "I'm A Demon" Hunt  Demonic eyes and horn
Savoir Faire Dressingroom
Yes... its easy to feel insignificant at the beach club, with all those fancy people around
::Designer Circle::. 
StormCrow Design's  Sassy black
7 Deadly s{K}ins Blondie
{NanTra}  poses
The thing is my aunt wanted Fly to do something fun and told her to take some surf classes. And Agnesse, her dangerous bestie, beg her mom till she got her classes too.
Neither of them had much interest in surfing, but it was a good excuse to be together with their gossips and silly giggles.
Then the teacher arrived.
{NanTra} Beach buds pose

HEYDRA Tor Swimwear Brown Pattern
THE PIER MARKET Soul Designs Men's Freedom Tank
Image Essentials The Lifesaver
The sexiest life saver ever was going to teach them how to surf? 
Image Essentials The Lifesaver
They followed him feeling the luckiest girls on earth. Agnesse whispered she was going to drown to be rescued for him as soon as possible. Fly decided she would become the best surfer ever to impress him.
I cant blame the kids... When i met him I admit I also thought mmm mmm mmm :)

Image Essentials The Lifesaver
Image Essentials The Lifesaver
So my cousin and Agnesse, went with the teacher for their first surfing class... (to be continued)

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