Thursday, June 12, 2014

You better be a good girl... (Teen Doll)

Granny says if I am not good, the police will come after me, and take me to jail.
Sugar & Cyanide Gunslinger 
::Designer Circle::.
 .::WoW Skins::. Rowena
Ploom pose Danger
Sugar & Cyanide Gunslinger 
::Designer Circle::. 
.::WoW Skins::. Rowena
-{ZOZ}- Romantic Sparks Polish (slink)
But she doesnt scare me. Janice, our neighbour, is a policewoman, and she is always very kind to me.
The Thrift shop
BabyDoll. Bow Necklace
Vestige Poses Claudia poses
SHE AND HIM BabyDoll. Leo Jacket
BARELY LEGAL COUTURE Aphrodite Wedge Heels
M-NUS  Shorty Blue
::Designer Circle::.
 .::WoW Skins::. Rowena
Granny says those beautiful girls in the ads are not real. She says its all photoshop and laboratory tricks.
But oh my, arent they awesome?
Glitterati Poses Bitch
::Designer Circle::.  HOLLYHOOD Pricilla heels 
The Candy factory 
[LNS Designs] Harly romantic horns and Sandi hair
J&A Accessories End of Time Necklace
Lyrieal's Boutique Vintage Bikini Purple & 
The Thrift shop  Image Essentials Wall to wall
BARELY LEGAL COUTURE Faerie Face Shadows Gacha  
*Luckie*  Cutie Patootie Kini 
I just want so much to be like them!
But granny says i cant. She says, keep on the shadows, dont show up.
I want to be sexy. 
But I am a  Teen Doll.
TAMELESS Hair Adiana 
*KRISTALSTORE* Mesh beach dress GIFT
La petite morte Pose

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