Friday, July 18, 2014

You are worth all the beer in the world

Mom and End were watching tv when the bell rang.
ASO! Fun Music!!!jacket,shirt and tie
+HUHU+ Pants
CURVES Zack skin
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Rum told me later that End was looking at him suspiciously, but mom was super kind and let him in.
Life Of Style Loordes of London-Lucci Tank
Loordes of London Betty Sue Capris
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When he appeared at my door, I was so surprised i didnt know what to say.
Then he said he was there to take me to the prom party.
What? I had told everybody that i was NOT going to the damn party!

I felt angry and suddenly it was worse cause i felt very sad .
I tried to look calm and told him i was not going to the party, PERIOD, and ...
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... and i began crying like an idiot. Rum sat with me on the bed and let me cry till i could stop.
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ASO! Fun Music!!!jacket,shirt and tie
Then he said he didnt go to his own prom party cause the gf he had at that moment, had trashed him exactly two days before the big event.

So now he had a new chance to go to a prom party and he desperately wanted to go to ours cause was fed up of hearing Marlow and Ree talking about how good it was going to be.

Then he closed his eyes and prayed...

When i went down stairs, they made me blush by saying  I looked like a princess.
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BabyDoll  Peeptoe Heels
SLC Mesh Delicately Lace Dress blue
Mom said it was wonderful that i finally could wear my super special dress.

Rum said that i was worth all the beer in the world, and when End frowned,  i pushed Rum outside the livingroom before mom worried if she was letting me go to the party with a psyco :)
 (to be continued)

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