Friday, September 5, 2014

Bad memory

They had left not more than twenty minutes ago, when the door bell rang.
I was in bed with my pirate bunny, eating chocolats and beginnig to watch a movie in my tablet.
I felt like leaving Ree or Umi, or both, waiting outside, silly girls, for sure they were coming back for the keys, cause obviously they had forgotten them.
StoraxTree Furniture
::Designer Circle::. 1 Hundred.Summer Breeze Set
Poses by Ploom
It was past midnight, and I felt grumpy. I opened the door with a
 'what did you forget?' 
Vestige poses Joe pose set
Dirty Little Secret  for the Twisted Hunt Bootsand jeans
Kings & Queens ll Fair exclusives V-Spot // King of Snakes
StoraxTree  Welcome mats
I blushed. And i developped an absolute paralysis, just looking at him and stuttering like an idiot.
Sparrowtree Studios Poses
Rum was there! Why? How? Anyway, omgomgomgomgomg
(more later)

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