Saturday, September 27, 2014

One year ago

 *Sexy XXL Mamas* Mesh Maternity Summer Dress blue
Pose by la petite morte
About one year ago, my beautiful mom was looking specially beautiful.
End used to tell me, 'dont you think your mom looks better than ever?', and i had to agree, she really shone.
Then the night of the hurricane, Marlow and Wispagold became everybody's heros, helping mom while End was still on his trip back home.
V-Spot Mesh jeans, Halo Beanie and  Open Season Jacket
SAAL body poses  
About one year ago, life changed for all of us, in our  renewed family, with End and Silence being part of it.
Time flies, doesnt it? And now, wow, its time to celebrate my sister's, our little Zsizsi's  first birthday party!
TOTSIPOP! Mesh baby avatar and  Cute Onsie outfit
. Infiniti.   Poses

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