Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sex-busy in the flat

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The rules of the flat: No boyfriends sharing it, no pets, no smoking.
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Tuty poses
But that crazy night i had Sexy, Loulou's chiuhaua, Rum, the surprise guest, and lots of smokers.
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+HUHU+ Harem pants
Tuty poses
And the anti-neighbour had decided to act as the authority, and appeared at midnight to remind me i had some rules to follow.

Rum was looking at him in amazement, while the guy began repeating madame la concierge's rules, but when Jerry appeared with his crow and his anteater to defend me,
it was like  top of madness.
Tuty poses
I was feeling like letting Sexy out and allow her to bite the bossy guy's butt, but i decided to be the adult there and get the neigbours out of my flat.
So i told the anti -neighbour that i would talk to madame la concierge ('I will too', he menaced me), and I thanked Jerry his support and pushed them out of the flat, before Rum could have some brilliant idea as offering them sensi to calm down.

When I closed the door and turned to Rum, he said, 'Please, please, please, let me move here, this is the most AWESOME neighbourhood ive ever seen!' We laughed like crazy while clening the kitchen, where he had managed to mess with  the tomato sauce .

Oh my, now i would have to tell the girls about all this, and we will have to face madame la concierge!
What will she say about the smoke, the pets... and the sex-busy thing? (I cant help loving Jerry's words:) )

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