Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What do you think of the new neighbours?

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The hot guy was one of our new neighbours.

He had seen Ree with Sexy and had come to COMPLAIN.

 Didnt we know pets were not allowed in the building?

Oh my!
Ree tried to use all her charm to make him see the situation as a 'real life drama'.

Sexy was sooo little and sooo cute and sooo... and her owner couldnt take care of her, and wouldnt this nice boy agree that someone had to do something to help the doggie?
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But the guy was grumpy as a grandpa with hemorrhoids (in Ree's words) and told us we better got rid of the dog before madame la concierge was back on monday.
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Marlow arrived while he was there, giving our nice neighbour the chance to warn us about smoke and/or boyfriends not allowed to share the flat either.

Marlow told him that he had broken his heart, cause he was wanting so much to live there to have the most friendly neighbour ever.
The guy said in a funeral voice  'woot,  you are awfully funny', and left.

 What were we going to do? Marlow was extra- super-non plus ultra sorry, but he better jumped through the window than taking the devilish dog with him. In fact Sexy seemed to hate Marlow and we had had to lock her in a bedroom cause she wanted to bite him (he said Loulou had trained the dog... who knows :P)
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POMPOSITY Screaming ring

But enough of drama! We had great news to share :)  Silence had sent Umami a fun ring and she was showing it and talking about her sweetheart while we were cooking dinner and Marlow was setting the table,... when the bell rang again.

We heard  Marlow's surprised voice, 'WHAT THE ... erm... hi, may i help u, buddy?' 
'Hello there. I am your neighbour'.
Oh woot another neighbour? And we came to the door to see...
OMG, or in Marlow words, WHAT THE...
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