Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hurry! (The movie is about beginning)

V-Spot "DeadLeaf" Shirt
OPOPOP Jango mesh jeans
We had already bought the popcorns and cokes, when Rum arrived. He had told us that he was not sure he could come to the movies because his family had a pancakes party or something like that.
I felt so happy to see him, specially when he smiled at me and said, 'hey, love!', that i knew i was in trouble.
Yes, I like him too much.

Sugar Suz was telling me about her joining the campus' theater group. I couldnt help but wanting her to shut up, cause i wanted to talk with Rum, so it was great when he came to us and joined our conversation.
Loordes of London for the Designer Showcase Lucciverdi Zipper Boots
B!ASTA:NORWEGIAN FALL: Leggings & T-Shirt . GG Oct 2014
B!ASTA for The promenade Bag - Gacha
(Pose not available)
As Marlow hates it when we are not sat and silent and ready when  the movie begins, Ree began asking us to move, and we all followed them.
But Rum said he needed to smoke before the movie, and went out to the street.. not before telling me, 'please love, save a sit for me'.
And I was like omg omg ...yay! He wanted to sit by my side!
(to be continued)

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