Saturday, October 4, 2014

Its going to be a good weekend!

I hate  getting up early on saturdays, but today is special, because we are going home for the weekend. Marlow will pick us up at the flat at 8:00, so we are in a rush.
TAMELESS Beatrix hair
fi*Friday Fashion House Vestige Female model pose set
We have to get ready for the campus halloween party, but also, i cant wait to see my sis wearing her first halloween mini outfit!

Mom sent pictures cause she didnt know which one to choose... cause she looks lovely with both of them!!
TOTSIPOP! Baby Mesh Avatar and free Baby black cat outfit
StoraxTree Furniture 
Feline Treasures - Naptime // Vintage Plant Stand //Plant Woven Loop Rug 
Diesel Works  
TOTSIPOP! Baby Mesh Avatar and free Baby cow outfit
Fudge poses
And I will need something nice too... so family&shopping weekend! Oh, and of course we will see Silence, Umi will die if they cant be together!
TAMELESS Beatrix hair
Al-Hanna Group Gift Lingerie (5L in Market Place)
Image Essentials Playmate pose set
TAMELESS Beatrix hair
Al-Hanna Group Gift Lingerie
Image Essentials Playmate pose set

And who knows, maybe Rum will be around too?

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