Saturday, November 1, 2014

I am not his priority

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I met Bf at noon at the Loco Pizza bar last thursday.

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Ree wanted to come with me, but Umami said it was not a good idea.
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'Call us if you need us, we will come for you, but I think you and your bf need to have a private conversation'.
Ree had applauded my ... something with Rum, but Umami told me I better remembered I had a bf...yet.
Yeah, she was right as usual. But I couldnt help being very nervous.
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He was waiting for me when i arrived. He kissed me lightly and said i looked wonderful. Wow, he looked handsome and so... impressive.
He asked me about my life at the campus, and blah blah blah, but i was too nervous for silly chatting, so I told him i wanted to know the 'we have to talk' reason.
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He had ended his training with the petroleum company, and they had offered him a job. 'I cant renounce, DD, is the job of my life' . Exactly what he wanted to do. Good salary and lots of possibilities. But the work conditions would be the same he had this year. Lost in the jungle for months. And he knew that was not fair for me.
I was sad. Very sad. But also VERY angry.
'Are you saying that you want to break up, BF?'
'I didnt say so'.

BF looked at me. He really looked sad. He said he knew it was all his fault.
Damn, yes, it was. I had spent about a year missing him and wondering if he still loved me... Now his job went first. Maybe I had other things going first too.
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Then he told me, ' If you were older, you could come and travel with me'.
'If i were older, maybe i wouldnt want to travel with someone who doesnt think Im the most important thing in his life'.
He said 'I know you are angry, princess, I cant blame you, but listen...'

But girls, I didnt want to listen.
He loves his job more.
Thats all i need to know

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