Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The reason of his spending the night in my room

Remember? Stormy Halloween night in the sudden darkness. Then the knocking on the door.
I was terrified and whispered I didnt want Rum to open the door, but then we heard Jerry the neighbour.
'DD? Are you there?'
The view was perfect for the spooky night.

 But yeah, just Jerry being himself. He is a great guy, but no one would say he shares James Bond's style.

He and his zoo were in trouble, cause one of the windows was broken. The house was too cold for the crows, the pigs, the cats, the antbear, the ... ok, the zoo, would i mind his moving with them to my flat till they could get the window fixed in the morning?
Cosmopolitan Sales Room
V-Spot Velcro High-Tops  and 
 Eklectika Pants 

Vestige poses Brennan pose set

How could i say no? Rum helped him with the cages, and they crowded the livingroom,
And Im sure Jerry keeps them clean, but you know how zoos stink.
Thats why Rum moved to my bedroom. I even found a matress for him And Nothing Happened.
At least till Umami and Ree arrived , found Jerry and his creatures and almost die in shock hahahahahaha

Now, listen girls, you know if  IT ever happens, I will tell you all about it. Trust me :)

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