Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Sexy attack

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OMG. I was getting a bit tired of the Halloween stuff, believe me.
The girl made me scream like a mouse!
I hurried back home, with Sexy trying to bite me, cause she was very angry with her delayed supper.
Next to our building, someone stayed under the rain. It was very dark and I was not in the mood for strangers.

He heard me and began to turn  to me.

I thought, if he is a perv, i just throw Sexy over him in her bag, and run, and i am sorry for the guy!

It was very dark and the shadows gave him the weirdest look.  I was very nervous and what i thought i saw was enough to make me scream and, I didnt throw the bag,  but hit the guy with it!
{what next} Rainy Day Pose
Pose by Phoenix   Please stop

Our attack made him fall  on the slippery grass.
I ran and he ran after me... and i fell in such a big puddle i got soaked.Agggh he caught me!
Then I recognize him for his laugh. He was helping me to get up while laughing so much he almost fell too.
'DD, for God's sake, its me Rum, look at me, Im not a ghost!'
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'Oh my, you you you... scared me to death!Dont laugh!!! And where is Sexy?'
The devilish dog had found the bag of her food in the middle of the mess and was eating it in a mix of grass and mud.
Rum looked at me with a big smile, both soaked in the pouring rain, the umbrellas lost in the fight.
'Damn, DD, you are always such a big fun' he said and kissed me under the Halloween rain.

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