Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A lucky man

After the ceremony, the couple was going on a trip. A short honeymoon, cause Loulou and her hubby had a full agenda.
We had a nice lunch in a cozy restaurant near the chapel, and then Loulou went to the motel to change clothes for the trip.

Chiron, her husband was ... ok, he was a nice guy, only that he was old enough to be Loulou's grandad. He told us several times how lucky he was to have such a wife and how lucky we were to have such a friend. We kept saying congratulations and he seemed really happy.
He gave us his cellular number. They had to take a plane, but his limo would  pick us up in a couple of hours, so we could enjoy the day and maybe visit the village, he told us, and whatever we need, we just had to let him know.
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Then Loulou appeared wearing another amazing outfit and said, 'lets go, Chi, its snowing and people at he motel have told me its going to be stormy, and we will have to stay here for the night'.
'But your friends...?'
'They will be ok, wont you guys? Lets go. NOW'. and they left.
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I just will say, if he thinks he is a lucky guy... lets him enjoy it. 
(to be continued)
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