Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hot as hell (Philwood System)

Because of this ad, (appears in all the magazines for men, and if Loulou doesnt lie, covers half Las vegas), Loulou has moved to a hotel.
Her mom had a nervous break when she saw it, and her dad asked Loulou to leave their home.
fi*Friday Fashion House  Vestige Liss poses
She thought of coming back to Las Vegas, but her hubby told her to wait for him here. He wants to try to fix things with his wifie's family.
OPOPOP   Leg Mesh Piercings 
She asked us, 'but, what seemes to be the trouble? Its a very artistic picture!'

Well, I dont think her parents give a damn about artistic or not...
We were trying to make her understand them, and trying to sound supportive too.

That was when Marlow, who came with Silence and  (awwwww) Rum, shouted from upstairs,
'are you dressed  or are we lucky and you are trying new clothes and are half naked down there?'

Loulou laughed outloud, a bit too delighted, i would say.

The star begins to shine... Heaven help us.

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