Friday, December 26, 2014

Im so happy to see you again!

We met at Ree's home to see the pictures of the wedding of her bro and Wispa.
I knew Silence had not told Umami about our Xmas eve, and i was dying to tell my best friends all about it.
Umami was already there when i arrived, and they were flattering eachother about how great they looked at the wedding.
fi*Friday Fashion House VESTIGE Liss pose set
Baubles! by Phe EnchantBangles&Ring Box
Pink Cherry Beaded slink nails
EYELURE Lip Color  and natural mesh lash
Moose Clothing Party Mini Dress Black
fi*Friday Fashion House Vestige Sexy Collection pose set
Life Of Style Loordes of London-The Thasos Antiquity dress
Loordes of London  Vermallion Slingbacks
::Designer Circle::. Pink Cherry Beaded slink nails
I was so happy to see them, to hear their joking and their funny gossips, that i gave them a huge hug.
Maybe too huge, cause Umami looked at me and said softly, 'are you ok, hunnie?'
I couldnt help it. 'I dont know', I said. And i  began to cry.

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