Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Las vegas night

Loulou took care of everything. When she understood why Sugar Suz was crying, she sent us to meet the boys. 'Go and have fun, Sugar Suz and I will relax at the spa before we go to sleep'
Ma Vie - Poses

Daniel was as surprised as we were. There was a tense silence for some seconds. Loulou was the only one who didnt know what was going on, but when she opened her mouth, Daniel raised his hand stopping her and told us, 'ok sweeties, lets do this,  close your eyes and count to ten'.
We were so shocked that we obeyed, till Ree began laughing  and Umi and I laughed too, but Sugar  Suz began crying and then the mess was complete.
'We should have told you, Daniel is a very famous actor...'. But Sugar Suz was unable to listen.

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Ma Vie - Poses
Loulou took control and said Sugar Suz would be ok, and asked us to please leave them alone.
Ok, then, it was time to enjoy Las Vegas night.
(to be continued)

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