Thursday, December 4, 2014

Loulou's wedding (3)

Loulou  booked rooms for us at the Royal&Sushi, one of the most charismatic and expensive hotels.
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We had met Loulou's bf, and in Ree's words, 'he had to have A LOT of money'. cause he was not only old enough to be Loulou's dad, but he also looked like an old dad.
'Or a grandad', whispered Umi, who was too shocked to react.
The Candy factory  :Ez's: Frosty Splendor Slink Heels

But apart from our general shock about all the story, I had other things to think about.

Cause Loulou had booked four rooms. Ok, i thought, Umi and Silence, Ree and Marlow, Sugar Suz and I, and one more for Rum.

But she said she was spending her last night as single with her bestie, Sugar Suz.
And i said that, of course!, i had no problem to share with Rum...
(to be continued)

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