Monday, December 22, 2014

Would you mind getting out of my bed?

'To DD
From Ruminthebottle
Goodnight, love, talk to you tomorrow. And sorry again for not answering your texts. My dad is obsessed with the radiofrequency neutralizers, my house is a bunker and it interfers all the devices... 
Have to go downstairs and turn it on again before he discovers it isnt working :P
I miss you and im back in a rush
Me (yes, that one)'
Careful knock knock knock---- door opens without waiting for permission.
'Hi, 'love'. I was feeling quite lonely'.
Image Essentials Playmate poses
EYELURE Ruffle Cheekster 
.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop Skye skin
'C'mon Princess, dont do this'.
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Gacha Hoodie
Confuse pose set
OPOPOP Mesh jeans
'Ohhh, are you rejecting your Xmas gift? Are you sure? :)'
EYELURE Ruffle Cheekster and lip color
* Inkheart * - Winter Eyes - Ocean
 DM poses
'Princess, what is this about? You never gave a damn about me. And you know I am with someone now'. 
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Gacha Hoodie
Let me explain pose set
OPOPOP Mesh jeans
'Oh, that little mouse is the someone? Are you kidding me?
And of course i care for you, hunny. I do!'
'Please, come back to your room'

Door opens (she is the kind of mom that never knocks on her kids' door)
' Morris i was thinking... OMG Whats going on here?  Morris! I cant believe it! Shame on YOU!'
Plowwies Sweetpea  white set
Image Essentials   Accessorise pose set
'On ME? WTF... Ok, yes. Im super ashamed.
Could you both please leave me alone with my shame?'
Image Essentials Gacha Hoodie
OPOPOP Mesh jeans
Sorgo pose
'Dont dare to joke! Im so so so disappointed on you both... 
Go to your room, Princess, please. 
Ill talk to you both tomorrow'
Plowwies Sweetpea  white set
skbio  Pose
Furniture by Cozy 

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