Tuesday, December 16, 2014

You said... who??

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Friday I arrived late enough to avoid mom's speech, but saturday morning i couldnt escape. 
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Sunday was Wispa's wedding, and I couldnt miss that, but I was so worried that i would have rather stayed at the campus.  It seemed that i had done something horrible, but what?

Mom appeared at the kitchen, ready to go to the gallery, but with time enough to stop and began a creepy story about her friend's daughter.
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Woot, what a drama, a super nice girl who met the wrong boy, a super rich guy who taught her how to be a really bad girl, (or what a mom considers a bad girl, smoking, drinking and not appearing home but to take a quick shower and run out again).
So, ok, he is an alcoholic druggie spoiled brat and has ruined the girl's future... Terrible, yeah. But what the hell had it to do with me?
Mom looked at me and said, 'I wont look for sweet words. The guy is the Van der Kerk boy.'.
She was so angry I just looked at her in silence wondering who was that, but not daring to ask.
She said, 'Morris Van der Kerk'.
Plowwies Decembra  jammies set
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I tried not to laugh, that was so surreal,  she was furious at me cause someone called Van something ruined someone's daughter's life?
' DD, be serious, nothing to laugh at, you are going out with a psycho!'
'I... what?'
'DONT, DD!' , she shouted, making me jump. Wow. What was going on? And then she said, 'dont try to deny you are going out with Morris Van der Kerk, i have seen it myself!'
And then i found out what was all about and ...I couldnt even say OH- MY - GOSH!
(to be continued)
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