Sunday, January 18, 2015

Beautiful front and back (Teen Doll)

The noise called my attention, and I left my room to see what it was. I couldnt believe it, but  Andreas was knocking on my livingroom's window. 
I made him signs to stop and went to open the door.
Plowwies Wisteria jammies set
Bounce This poses
What was he doing there, almost midnight, after our big fight?
'You crazy or what? Wake my granny and you will wake hell over us', I whispered when i opened the door.
Moose Clothing Thomas Shirt 
HEYDRA Killian Sneakers Beige
{.:exposeur:.} April showers.
'Tizz has disappeared. Everybody is looking for her. Do you have any idea of where she could have gone?'
I looked at him in disbelieve. No, I had no idea and I didnt give a damn either. 
I had been crazy for this guy since i was a kid, and Tizz had stolen him from me.
He was my best friend but i always hoped things would change sooner or later.
Then I met Tizz. She was new in my neighbourhood. And she was beautiful, 
front and back,
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Label Motion

Label Motion

from head to toes

 Campus Sweats   Blue
Drapey Tank   Love Hearts

Label Motion
ASO! for The Seasons Story
Boa Slippon (LA) RARE

'She left this afternoon to go shopping and no one has seen her again. You were friends, I thought maybe you could help'.
'We are not friends anymore', I said, but he looked so desperate that i added, 'but have you looked at the pets asylum? She uses to spend a lot of time there'.
'No, where is that?'
'Wait for me at the coffee shop, I will get dressed'.
'Thanks, you are awesome!'
'Yeah, I am'.
I wondered if i would ever stop loving him.
The Promenade [B!ASTA] GACHA
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Label Motion

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