Saturday, January 31, 2015

Better than chocolate

Hey girls, lets go shopping!

1. The Candy factory  *ToXiC*H* Hang Low Pink Jeans
EYELURE Kicks Tennies and Cropped Cowl  Break Your Heart
2.  The Candy factory JIN's Sunday cream dress and shoes
TAMELESS Saphire hair
EYELURE Tied Top Pink
ODDITY Pants ~Shameless~ Denim
The Candy factory
Lyr's Boutique Venus~Mules & Ankle Chains - Sweetheart
Hipster Fair  begins FEB 1st  
Image Essentials
 exclusive poses - 30% off - Hip Chicks
Cause St Valentine is around the corner and we need to be sexy-cute-awesome
 (more than usual, I mean)
The Candy factory  JIN'S Chocolate dipped outfit
TAMELESS Luna hair
DM poses
EYELURE Kicks Tennies
The Candy factory 
Lyr's Boutique Venus~Mules & Ankle Chains - Sweetheart
JIN's Sunday cream  shoes and Chocolate dipped shoes

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