Sunday, January 25, 2015


OPOPOP Antharium // Mesh Hat
Image Essentials  Accessorise poses

I was furious. Why do things usually happen when you are in a rush?

Because of Sexy, I was getting late to my exam.

I coudnt believe it. I woke up 30 mins earlier to have time enough to cope with her morning walk and her maniac race upstairs to see Jerry, but she managed to entertain me more than ever.

Picture This Poses
I felt so frustrated I could have cried. 
Feeb's Rascals St.{Nail Me!} Winter's Kiss - Nail Applier HUD
PANTS ~Pioneer~ Worn Leather 
TOP ~Breeze~ Worn Leather/Leopard 

Image Essentials  Accessorise poses
So i had to run like a crazy goat, feeling  scared of not being allowed in the classroom. When i could finally take a sit, i was so nervous that it took a long while till i could concentrate
PANTS ~Pioneer~ Worn Leather 
Loordes of London  L'Experiènce Haute trench  and La Boheme Bag
Vestige poses Claudia poses
Im going to talk with the girls. We need to make a determination about Sexy. Enough is enough.

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