Saturday, January 17, 2015

Do you want to go to bed?

I stayed up waiting for Rum to come back from walking Sexy.
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It took centuries, I almost felt asleep on the couch, and i was beginning to really worry when they appeared.
Poor Rum, he was frozen.
He jumped under the blanket and i rubbed his arms and chest laughing at his story.
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'The damn thing is crazy, she didnt want to get out of the building at the beginning, and when she did, there was no way to convince her  to come back, I had to drag her to almost strangle her, made me feel like a barbarian. Then she ran upstairs to Jerry's door, and again another fight till I could take her downstairs... Is she always like this? God!'
Yeah, she was like this, plus her ocasional storms of demential barks that made us play the music very loud to cover them, and her bitting Marlow and Marlow's stuff as often as she could.
'My poor Rum, Im sorry, I should have gone with you', I said , kissing him.
He smiled.
'Exactly, poor poor me. Kiss me more'.
We kissed and cuddle, and I was in a mess.
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He usually slept on that couch, but we had shared a bed during the trip to Las Vegas.
But if now i took him to my bed, here, home, didnt it sound like something more than sleep?
And did I want that?

And then he bent over me, and  said,
'do you want to go to bed?'

(to be continued... well... if you want me to :)  )

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