Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Eve (part 2)

After dinner, mom and End didnt have plans to go out because of ZsiZsi. But when they saw Silence and I were staying home, End asked if we would mind to babysit, so mom and him could go out .
'Sure, have fun', Silence said. He had tried to call Umami without any sucess.

Mom and I were keeping not very steady peaces about Rum. She told me she didnt want me to go out with him 'to one of those alcoholic NYE parties', I told her that  it was my business... But then she cried, and that made me feel so bad that i just said, 'no worries, Im staying home tonight'.
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So mom (looking awesome) and End decided to take the night out, or a bit more than a night, cause End said they would be back... for dinner !
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We sat in the basement with the tv on, getting up time to time to check on ZsiZsi, and to bring drinks and all the candies, chocolats and cookies we had collected along the holidays to sooth our depression.
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'What makes me more angry is that I dont give a damn about that girl, and she has spoiled everybodies' night'.
'I know', i sighed.
His celular rang.
'Hey, Marlow. Yeah, Umi doesnt either... Yeah, i know. Sure, come, DD and I are babysitting Her mom and End wont be back till tomorrow'.
He looked at me, but didnt ask for my approval.
'Of course, Rum can come too. K'. See you'. He hung up and said, 'at least you will have a happy New Year Eve'. 
And I smiled and ran for something nice to dress .

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