Friday, January 2, 2015

NYE (part3)

::Designer Circle::. IOS Poses in Box (classic)
HEYDRA NYE 2015 Outfit
I was sorry for Marlow and Silence, and I was missing the girls too, but when i saw Rum's  eyes shine as he was saying, 'hey love, happy new year', I just could feel GLAAAAAAAAAAAD for myself :)
Perimeter Joso Trues - StoneWashed UNISEX
MESHCENTER Casanova Galliano plus - double sweater
Oasis Unisex sneakers
Vestige poses Morris poses
He knows mom has banned him from home, but he never loses his sense of humour.
Magnifique Poses
Ok, so this was going to be my NYE party... with three boys. My adored psycho and two depressed guys missing their girls.
HEYDRA NYE 2015 Outfit
NM pose gift
The boys were arguing about the tv channel, so i went upstairs to check on ZsiZsi...
(to be continued)

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