Sunday, January 18, 2015

Think before you talk, girl

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(continuing...) So we were  kissing on the couch, and then Rum said, 'do you want to go to bed?'
I was so surprised that I whispered first thing that crossed my mind.

'With you?'

Rum didnt answer for some seconds, as if he were thinking about it, then he said, whispering too,
'well, thats one option, and of course, my favorite, but there are others, as... you go to your bedroom and I stay here. Not as good as first one, but absolutely correct too'.
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I sat on the couch and he sat by my side. Of course when i talked i was stuttering, making the whisper even more pathetic.
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Purple poses
'Im sorry, I supose you think im an idiot but...'
'I dont think you are an idiot'.
'Its just... I am scared'.
'Of what? Of me?'
'Of sex?'
'Its just that this is going so fast... Two month ago you were just my friend. And i had a boyfriend who had been there for years and...'
Sh*t. I said the wrong thing. Rum moved away, just  micro inches, but he moved a bit.
'I didnt mean what you are thinking', I said, alarmed.
'How do you know what I am thinking?', he sounded nice, but he wasnt smiling.
'I didnt mean I dont know if I want to come back with my boyfriend, I...'
'Its ok, DD'.

I felt like crying. I needed to explain... ok, i needed to THINK before saying nonsenses again, so I got up and said i was tired, it had been a long day...
And i ran to hide in the bathroom.
(to be continued)
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