Saturday, January 3, 2015

Where is everybody?

HEYDRA NYE2015 outfit
Perimeter Joso Trues - StoneWashed UNISEX.
TAMELESS Mercedes hair
RACK pose  Moments...Gift Pose
It was my time to check on ZsiZsi, so i went upstairs. Rum followed me cause we needed more drinks and some food. It was 4.00am, everybody was feeling hungry.
He stopped me at the top of the stairs.
'Hey, love'
This boy has the ability of doing and saying always the right thing... I mean, the thing I want him to do :)

'I just wanted to say this is the most wonderful NYE party ever'
'Watching old movies on tv?'
'Watching you watch old movies sitting by my side'.
(Awwwww I had to give him one million kisses, as you perfectly understand)
When i was back to the basement, nobody was there. Rum appeared after me, carrying a tray.
'Where is everybody?'
HEYDRA NYE2015 outfit
TAMELESS Mercedes hair
Image Essentials Winter chill poses
I knocked at the little bathroom, but no answer, so I opened the door to check... 
Image Essentials Kiss from a rose
SLC Mesh Winter Day Oufit blue
Oasis Male T-Shirt
... and closed it inmediately. Sweet! Umami and Silence :)
I turned to Rum, who was staying in front of the heater room.
'I found Silence and Umami', I wispered with a 'dont ask' smile.
'Good. I found Ree and Marlow. Just believe me, dont check'.
Perimeter Joso Trues - StoneWashed UNISEX.
MESHCENTER Casanova Galliano plus - double sweater
Sorgo pose
'Are they kissing like Umi and Silence?'
'Sure. Kissing too'.
'What do you mean...? O-M-G! '
'Yes. They seemed to be about getting to the OMG moment'.
Perimeter Rivalry Jeans Camo  unisex
PNP poses ~ Sinful Seduction
OMG! I knew they were like that, but here? At my home? While the rest of us were so close?
Before i could even blush, Rum pushed me to the couch and sat by my side smiling at my shock (and my blushing).
'Woot, love, 'Shark'! I always wanted to see this movie while cuddling with my girl'.
I began laughing and he pointed to his shoulder calling me with his other hand, so i hugged him and we cuddled.
'Rum', I said, 'you are best psycho-boyfriend ever'.
He pushed me a bit to look at me.
' Is that what I am? Your boyfriend?'
Furniture pose
'Oh', I felt confused and blushed again. Damn, boys dont like compromises, and that had sounded like something serious. I was going to say sorry, or joke or ...
'Wow', he said in that sweet low voice that always melts me, 'I told you, best NYE party ever!'.

And mom thinks he is a bad guy .

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